About the images

All the photographs* on this website have been created by Malin E Nilsson. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Valand Academy of Göteborg University (2008) and a Master of Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy of Lund University (2011). Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, including Supermarket, Stockholm, in 2016, Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, 2015 and Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, in 2014.

Currently she is finishing, together with Solveig Jülich, Embryologiska rum: Historier kring Tornbladinstitutets samlingar, a book on the embryological collections of the Tornblad Institute of Comparative Embryology at Lund University (Makadam, forthcoming 2019). Nilsson lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Contact: http://malinenilsson.com/index.html

* Except the portraits of Elisabet Björklund (photo credit: Lars Jansson), Isabelle Dussauge (photo credit: Lin Prøitz), Solveig Jülich (photo credit: Mikael Wallerstedt) and Helena Tinnerholm Ljungberg (photo credit: Per-Anders Svärd).


The male fetus, a drawing from around 1700 by the Swedish physician Lars Roberg (1664–1742). He became a Professor of Medicine at Uppsala University in 1697 and retained the chair until 1740. Roberg founded the Nosocomium academicum, the later Uppsala Academic Hospital, in 1708. He was the teacher of Linnaeus, among others.