Helena Franzén

helena_franzenFranzén is a doctoral student at the Department of History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University. She has training in archaeology and she holds her previous degrees in that field. Her fields of interest include the history of medicine, medical anthropology and the material culture of medicine and science. She has a special interest in the practices, infrastructures and knowledge production of embryology and anatomy in the nineteenth century. In this project, Franzén will focus on the procedures of collecting specimens and the possible stakeholders involved in that process, specifically looking at the intersections between these spheres.




Bodies in transformation: Embryological/fetal specimens in Swedish museum collections and their social worlds

Project description:

Publications and presentations:

• “Kroppar i transformation: Mänskliga embryon/foster i museisamlingar och deras sociala världar”, paper presentation at the workshop Medical Humanities at Uppsala University, Uppsala University, April 14, 2016.

Email: helena.franzen@idehist.uu.se