Isabelle Dussauge

isa3Dussauge is a researcher at the Department of History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University. She conducts research in science and technology studies and in the history of medicine. In her previous work, Dussauge has explored issues pertaining to medical imaging of the body; the cerebralization of sexuality and pleasure in the contemporary neurosciences; and the computeri-zation of health care and medicine in Sweden post-war and onwards. Her recent publications on neuroscience, feminism, and value-making have appeared in edited books; in BioSocieties, Neuroethics, Graduate Journal of Sexuality Studies; and in the volume Value Practices in the Life Sciences and Medicine (2015) co-edited with Francis Lee and C-F Helgesson. Among her research interests is the making of values in science and medicine. In the current project, Dussauge aims to explore the values at play in the use of fetal materials in the development of vaccines.


Fetuses as instruments of health: The uses and exchanges of fetal tissues for vaccine research in post-war Sweden

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