Embryological spaces: The collections of the Tornblad Institute of Comparative Embryology at Lund University

Project leader: Solveig Jülich in collaboration with Malin E Nilsson

This subproject investigates the embryological collections of the Tornblad Institute for Comparative Embryology at Lund University, from the early twentieth century up to the present. It is a collaboration with artist Malin E Nilsson, which combines historical and photographic perspectives on the institute with a focus on its collections of human and animal embryos and fetuses. A central argument is that an analysis of the materiality and fate of the collections of the Tornblad Institute can help shed light on charged notions of what human embryos and fetuses are, their purported uses, meanings and places.

Publications and presentations:

• With Malin E Nilsson, Embryologiska rum: Historier kring Tornbladinstitutets samlingar, Göteborg: Makadam, forthcoming, 2018.

• ”Museers återbegravningar av foster hotar ett unikt kulturarv”, Dagens Nyheter 1/8 2018.

• With Malin E Nilsson, “Embryologiska rum: Historier kring Tornbladinstitutets samlingar”, paper presentation, Teknik- och vetenskapshistoriska dagar, Lund University, Sweden, April 15–17, 2015.